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The GMO projects

Thanks to Monsanto farmers are able to feed more people. It was surprising to know that farmers during the 1960’s were only able to feed up to 25 people. Where now farmers can now feed up to 155 people using Monsanto biotechnology. This company was able to break down the structure of a simple plant and seed and create a new stronger seed. I learned that they have created Roundup ready crops that are weed resistant and yield gard corn that is insect resistant. Even an vistive gold soybeans that are able to produce more healthy oils like olives. Monsanto has been able to evolve farming techniques from the 1920’s to now. Transitioning to labor intensive farm work of plowing with animals to Biological farming. Focusing on the proteins and RNA of plants has been the key to monsanto’s success. Adding and removing genes with inside the plant has lead to huge improvements in yield growths and efficiency.