Newark Farm

On November 2nd, my agriculture class took a trip to the Newark farm. At the Newark farm we learned about lots of different research projects they do. Our tour guide talked to us about the crops they grow and how they manage them yearly. According to our tour guide their most interesting research project ranges from disease to bee mating. They have bees! That was on of the coolest things to know. They have bees on the farm that they tend too. They have done a research project on artificially inseminating female bees with drones. Lots of the food that is grown and produced on the farm is organic, and mostly produce. They have a little produce stand to sell their produce, and they give it to some restaurants. They also have beef cattle on their farm. I thought they only had dairy cattle due to their UD Creamery and all the talk about the dairy. I learned so many cool things about the Newark Farm. They also have an insect place, that they contain lots of bugs they do research and work on before releasing to the public. EW!

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