Tracy Wootten and Valan Budischak on horticulture in Delaware

During class, we had Tracy Wootten and Valan Budischak come and talk about a lot of the different work being done constantly with horticulture. They spoke about all the different kinds of work that can be done in this field of study and the importance of each job. It was really interesting to hear about all this work that is being done in our community all the time that maybe goes unnoticed but has serious importance. They talked about how horticulture is used for highway and railroad maintenance whether it is to create a better aesthetic, pest and invasive species control, or safety. Water quality was another large industry impacted by horticulture and it makes sense when you learn about it but it seems like something that people don’t usually think about. They also discussed greenhouses and other commercial grow operations for flowers and other plants and all these jobs really broadened my view of what you can do with an Ag degree in the workforce. Hearing Valan Budischak’s path to get where she also goes hand in hand with all the new opportunities their presentation presented. Her graduating in business and working with Black N Decker to then end up in the Ag school here at UD was a great story and shoes  how intertwined the industry is with others.

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