Tracy Wooten and Valann Budischak: Dleaware’s Green Industry

On October 16th, Tracy Wooten and Valann Budischak spoke on behalf Delaware’s green industry. During this lecture, they discussed the different set ups from nurseries,  and different careers that are included in this industry. The two types of Nurseries that they spoke about were Field Nurseries and plug nurseries. A field nursery is set up like an open ceiling store where people can go and purchase the different types of plants they need. There is more of a variety here. In a plug nursery, it contains one breed of plant that is usually used for mass production. The percentage for plants grown in  nurseries currently is at 62.4%. As for businesses involved in the green industry, there is the Cordrey companies (which primarily focuses on landscaping, and various nurseries, such as Ronnie’s garden World and Gateway garden center. But most importantly, with these businesses dealing with the green industry with  the public, there are specific things growers may be required to participate in. For starters, some landscapers are hired by DelDot to maintain care of land around high ways, to keep it looking clean and beautiful. They want to reduce the amount of driver’s fatigue, and if the land around the driver looks interesting they’ll pay more attention to what’s up ahead of them. From this presentation, the biggest takeaway is that there are many jobs in the Green Indrustry, outseide of only planting  plants and making the land look nice. People have to sell the plants to the growers, people have to design what’s going to go into the landscape jobs, and people have to regulate what is the best for growers to do, in order to protect the environment, as well as supply the highest quality of plants.

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