Dan Severson Guest Lecture – Sean Michael

On Monday, Dan Severson lectured the class on the Delaware Livestock industry. I was not aware that world red meat consumption is down, and poultry consumption is up. This is a benefit for Delaware farmers because the chicken industry is booming here. Next, I learned about food security, and how in the United States we spend less than ten percent of our income on food, compared to fifty percent in other parts of the world. One thing that shocked me from this presentation is that we as a country cannot meet the goat demand. Because of the diversity in America, there are many ethnic preferences for goats, and goat farmers simply cannot keep up. Sadly, dairy farms in America are on a decline, and there are only 21 left in the state of Delaware. One organic product people are buying more of is honey, and the industry is hot. Mr. Severson finished with talking about being a cooperative extension and how it heavily relies on people skills.

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