Guest Lecture: Horticulture

I found that the lecture given by Tracy Wootten and Valann Budischak about horticulture was my favorite of all the lectures so far. I have a large interest in plants. I have about 20 houseplants that I enjoy taking care of, and 13 of them are in my dorm room. Let’s just say that I have a mini jungle in my room, with plenty of oxygen. They talked about Delaware’s green industry and the specific aspects of it, the producers, retailers, landscapers, land managers, and golf courses. In the nursery industry, there are different parts that are very profitable, such as the Christmas tree industry and point seta industry. The retailers range from big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot and smaller more local garden centers. There are different kinds of land management like railroads and golf courses. Turf grasses also have a strict industry. There are also different kinds of plants such as annual and biannual. The kinds of plants I own would be annual as they last all year.

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