Delaware’s Green Industry

October 16th, 2019 Tracey Wooten and Valann Budischak talked to our class about the Delaware Green Industry. Delaware’s green industry is full of producers, retailers, landscapers, etc. There aren’t many Nurseries in Delaware. By Nursery they mean fields and greenhouses. There is a lot of science involved in plant producing. The biggest plug producer is in PA. Cut flowers and succulents go into the play of plant producing. Nursery crops are categorized by what you would typically see in your home. The Christmas tree industry is one of the biggest things involved in Nurseries. The grower sales for nurseries are 8 billion dollars. Annual doesn’t grow back the nest season perennial grows back every season. They talked to us about the effects of soil on grass and the landscaping side to planting. Horticulture is very important to small communities.

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