Mark Lynas’s Lecture

Mark Lynas is a very intelligent man and he is self taught when it comes to GMOs and many other aspects. Just like many other people he believed that GM was horrible and it was all run by corporate corporations trying to get over on people and make more money for themselves. He thought that science was to be involved with the growing of crops. As well as he thought that GMOs had no purpose and would do no actually good for people. As Mark started to research more and find more things out about GM, he began to realize that maybe it is not such a bad idea. Now Mark doesn’t necessarily think that GMOs are needed for everything but he does believe that they have a place and can be very useful in some situations. With this realization Mark began to think how they can actually help people, such as if a farmer does not have the resources to keep down pest the GMO can fight of diseases and pests by itself without the help of the farmer. He also realized that more yield is possible in countries and areas that need the crop to be as productive as possible because they can’t afford to lose crops. Overall Mark started out by having a very similar opinion to most people when it comes to GM but with a lot of research and talking to people who knew a lot about the topic, he began realizing that they aren’t so bad and his perspective of GM had been off. 

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