Mark Lynas Video Review

Mark Lynas, an environmentalist, does a whole 180 on his opinion on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). At the 2013 Oxford Farming Conference, Mark talks about how Anti-biotech’s complained about GMO’s, but yet they created them. They put the power into making them something. GMO’s cannot be processed without the consent of Anti-biotech’s permission. He talks about how the organic field is myth for helping improve the environment and peoples health. They say its healthy, but has been proved not to be many times. People spend lots of money for the name “organic,” when it is no better then other foods. Organic is also the lowest in production, and its worse for biodiversity. Many people question what is behind global warming. One guy assumes it cant be carbon dioxide. Green house gases are responsible for the warmer temperatures in the colder times of the year. This can be why certain winters are so atrocious. He answers many questions about GMO’s, nutrition, and global warmer.

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