James Adkins on irrigation

James Adkins speech on irrigation was very informative and I had not previously known or thought about the importance of irrigation and how precise it is. The irrigation system itself has changed tremendously over time just like many other technologies. The irrigation systems thousands of years ago was mostly ran off of gravity but today we are able to control and monitor irritation from gps and from the farmers phone. I also found it surprising the amount of water that certain countries dedicate strictly to irrigate their crops. One statistic that stood out to me more than many others was the fact that the United States has 60 million acres of irrigated land. This fact really shocked me because that is such a large amount of land and prior to this I had never thought about where all this water is coming from and how it can affect certain industries and people. With the advances in technology, the amount of water can be extremely controlled and monitored so only the exact amount of water that is needed is sprayed and it also makes sure the spray is even across the crops.

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