Guest Lecture James Adkins

On Wednesday October 2nd James Adkins visited our class to give a lecture about irrigation. He showed us pictures of various irrigation systems used around the world. James showed us that 68 percent of irrigated land in the world is in Asia. Then he began to focus on irrigation in the U.S. and Delaware. 30% of land in Delaware irrigated. for a while he went into detail about the irrigation used in California and how so much water is needed for the entire state. Later he began to talk about the technologies and formulas used to help determine how much water is needed for crops each day. He went into detail about how sunlight and humidity make a large difference on how crops take in water which affects how much water is needed. Another important factor is the soil in which the crops are planted. different soils can take in water at different rates and so they help provide for plants in different ways.

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