Mark Lynas Video – Sean Michael

One of the biggest problems facing the world is our potentially growing world population and how we are going to feed it. With GM technology and research, we can feed the soon to be 10 billion people with the same amount of land we are currently using for 7 billion people. Two minutes into the video, Mark Lynas admitted that his anti GM movement was anti-science, and that his group denied scientific data in the process and focused on fear reactions. Lynas pointed out that GM cotton and maize both needed less pesticides and chemicals than the non-GM versions, which shows their benefit. Also, not all the money goes to the big corporations; billions of dollars of GM sales go towards small farmers, especially in developing countries. GM foods are much safer and precise than conventional breeding and takes out a large portion of the time it would take to create the hybrid naturally. Golden rice is a vitamin rich rice that is very easy to grow, and could help feed and give the essential nutrients to many starving people worldwide, but it can’t be distributed because it is labeled as a GM. In the beginning of any movement, change is not taken nicely, but once the facts get out to the public about GM, there will be a new perception, and we need to thank people like Mark Lynas for speaking out.

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