Mark Lynas Speech

Mark Lynas gave a captivating speech on how his point of view on GMOs has dramatically changed since 1995. Back in 1995, when Mark first heard about Monsanto’s, Mark immediately made his conclusion. He believed it was just another large American company putting something experimental into our food supply without warning. He thought GMOs were the most unnatural thing you could make and that something was bound to go wrong with humans gaining too much technological power. These claims spread rapidly and soon made GMOs banned from Europe, even though there was no science backing up these claims. After digging into the claims he made many years ago and the consequences of these claims, Mark began to explain why his claims were wrong. Mark began by stating what he thought and following it with the science that counters his claims. Mark explained how dangerous he thought GMOs were, he followed that by explaining how GMOs are safer and more precise than conventional breeding. He also told us he thought GMOs would increase the use of chemicals but it turned out they needed less insecticide. Mark thought GMOs were only benefitting big companies, and turns out they were generating billions of dollars that were benefitting farmers. Mark goes on to talk about the benefits of GMOs and how they are effecting our world today.

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