Mark Lynas Reflection

Mark Lynas was a British environmentalists who in the 90’s launched a successful anti-GMO movement to essentially teach the public that what he calls “GM” are a danger to the public. He was completely against GM’s and wanted nothing to do with them, in fear that they are harmful to the human body. But he was wrong, and in this lecture he apologizes for being so harsh, and ignoring the science. Although he did most of his research on climate, where he did use science and facts to back up his book, he wasn’t translating the science aspect to the process behind GM’s and how they worked. After doing some research, he was faced with scientific facts that went completely against what he believed before. He explains about E coli. outbreaks in Germany that was caused by animal manure, that could have been stopped if the plant had been modified to resist the animal or it not be edible to that pest by way of modifications. He also explains increase yield of crops, and how enhancements to genomes are allowing us to grow substantially more then in the 1960’s. This technology is what will allow us to feed our future generations to come, and that is why Mr. Lynas changed his views.

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