Organic Chicken Farm Trip

From what i learned from my fellow students who went on the field trip was that Georgie Cartanza’s organic chicken farm in Dover, Delaware displayed new technology and strategies for improving poultry life and conditions. Growing and raising the chickens is the easy part, thanks to new technology such as the environmental controller, that stabilizes temperature in the houses. These chickens produce so much waste that needs to be disposed of. Tunnel composters slowly spin manure, pine shavings and chicken carcasses into a fine mixture of compost. This compost is used on filter grass and other plants around the farm. Once the chickens reach 8 weeks or “market age” groups of men called “loaders” catch the chickens and load them on the trucks. Mostly done at night in order to reduce the stress on chickens and to make the chickens easier to catch, the use red head lamps to find and catch the chickens inside the home. Organic chickens overall seem to be happier then a regular farm grown chickens and are healthier and better taken care of

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