Georgie Cartanza Guest Lecture

Ms. Cartanza came in on Monday, September 9th and explained the poultry industry on Delmarva. She explained that Delmarva produces 10% of the nations poultry and Delaware alone produces 825 million chickens a year. Sussex county alone yields more chickens per square mile then any other county in the country. Raising and harvesting chickens on Delmarva creates jobs and opportunities for a lot of people. There are 7 poultry jobs for every 1 community job across 10 processing plants, 13 hatcheries, and 10 feed mills throughout Delmarva. Ms. Cartanza also pointed out  the top cost of production for the farmers and the corporations in the poultry industry. Farmers pay more for mortgage and electric, while the corporations feed cost is the major cost of producing chickens. Technology has changed the industry tremendously, moving from a thermostat to the environmental controller. Being able to control 6 large chicken houses instead of 4 small houses with the flick of a button helps farmers develop more chickens.

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