Fifers Orchards Field Trip

On October 2, both classes visited Fifers Orchard in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware. Bobby Fifer, a 4th generation farmer, gave us a tour of the farm and orchards. He talked about the production side of the business, and how weather, market, and time all have to come together in order to have a successful yield. We toured the strawberry fields, where Mr. Fifer was testing a new method of covering strawberries with some white plastic, instead of all black plastic, to have a longer market season from one week to 2 weeks. We then went into the warehouse where they store apples to let them finish ripening, and ship them out to stores and markets all over Delmarva, and the world. We were also introduced to Bobby’s brother Kurt, who talked to us about the business side of the operation and Community Supported Agriculture program, or CSA. This allows Fifer’s to interact with the community and get to know their customers on a personal level.

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