Ed Kee Second Guest Lecture

Mr. Kee came and talked to the class about Iowa and California’s agriculture yields and why those areas are so productive in producing. First, Iowa leads the nation in Pork, Eggs, Corn, and many other crops and agriculture production. They are also leading in soybean production, which can be turned into diesel, food, and other useful things besides food. Iowa’s naturally nutrient rich soil also helps with there increased yields and can hold about 3 or 4 inch’s of water, compared to somewhere like Delaware where our top soil can only hold about 1 inch. However, in California, water is scarce and farmers pay for water to irrigate their crops. Despite having to pay for water, they lead in production of dairy, almonds, and grapes among other things. Tomatoes are a huge industry in California, producing 95% of the nations tomatoes. He talked about the different harvesting techniques for almonds and tomatoes that differ from the way we produce here in Delaware.

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