Ed Kee Guest Lecture

Ed Kee, former Secretary of Agriculture in Delaware, talked about the importance of the Delaware food shed not only to this state but the whole eastern shore. Delaware is 8 hours from a third of the population and can ship out produce at a cheaper transportation cost. Mr. Kee talked about the available land in Delaware that is set aside to grow with the Land Preservation Act. 110,000 acres are permanently set as agriculture land by buying the development rights from the farmer. He also talked canning on Delmarva in the 1900’s. Richardson and Robbins was one of the biggest canning companies that was based in Dover canning beans, corn, and other vegetables. Then these cans were shipped by train to big cities in other states. Ed touched on the challenges that farmers face past and present. Farmers must remain profitable, maintain consistency for the environment, and promoting technologies and safe practices all can cause problems.

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