Ed Kee’s lecture on Iowa and California

I really enjoyed Ed Kees lecture on Iowa and California. Prior to this lecture I really had not known how important these two states are when it comes to agriculture for the United States and even the world. These two states are able to produce a lot of different products because of their good landscape. In comparison to Delaware agriculture these two states have a much much bigger agriculture industry, Iowa in particular. Iowa’s agriculture industry is so large that they are able to till 30.5 million acres where Delaware only tills 490,000 acres. Before this lecture I also had not known that Iowa is the leading producer of corn and soybeans, which I found very interesting. Iowa also uses 40% of the corn produced is used in making ethanol, which I would have never thought because prior to this lecture I would have assumed it would have all just gone to feed. Overall I found this speech to be very informative and I think I was able to take some very valuable information from. 

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