Guest Lecturer: Ed Kee- California and Iowa

On September 25th, Ed Kee once again gave a lecture to the class. However, rather than focusing on Delaware like most of what we have done in this class so far, he touched on the huge agricultural powers of California and Iowa.

On the exports and production of agriculture in California, Kee stated that alone, they are the 10th largest economy in the world. This is largely because many of our vegetables and grown food (such as, tomatoes, almonds, strawberries, and grapes) come from California; even here in Delaware, California supplies much of our canned produce. He also stated that due to the dry and arid climate of California, they must use a canal irrigation system that irrigates much of the state through water from snowy mountains.

About agriculture in Iowa, Kee stated that they are the number one producer of corn in the United States because of the great soil for farming corn there. Iowa also uses a lot of it’s corn for the production of ethanol fuel rather than for food.

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