Ed Kee California and Iowa Lecture

It was great to hear Ed Kee come and speak to the class again. This lecture was focused on general information about California and Iowa’s massive agricultural industry. Learning about these states was very interesting and was cool comparison after all that we have learned about Delaware. Being from and spending most of my life within Delaware as definitely kept my perspective confined to the state in a lot of ways and after getting to learn about California and Iowa it was great to see how other major ag states function. California has developed really interesting water systems in order to combat their dry climate and I feel like this is great to learn about as we continue to watch our own climate change over long periods of time and may need to start thinking about these other methods. It was also neat to learn about how Iowa is for the most part dominated by the Ag industry. Ed Kee talked about how proud the people are to be farmers and how much of life is involved in the industry there. Both these states had so large differences compared to Delaware but also so similarities so it was great to learn so much about these states I previously knew almost nothing about.

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