Professional Leadership in Social Media with Michele Walfred

The agriculture class was given a presentation on the importance of social media by Michele Walfred. We learned how to create our own consistent brand of personal interests while also reflecting professionalism in posts to the general public. She showed us her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, which all had a theme, the photography of nature. She used a proper headshot rather than a selfie on her profile and had her full name written in the caption of each account. This is a theme we were advised to follow to adhere to future employers interests once we finish college with a degree. Michele taught us how to be a leader with social media by demonstrating maturity in our posts as well as advocating for only true information to earn the trust of viewers on the platform. It turns out, the agriculture industry is heavily invested in social media, and we were advised to advocate for agriculture with our own. There are many job opportunities in agriculture that involve social media communications, such as becoming a specialist or manager for a farming company. The class was warned about the dangers of fake news and how to spot ads that are just used for clickbait revenue, especially the ones that are geared towards politics in agriculture, like the use of growth hormones and the opinions of animal welfare organizations. Lastly, we reviewed platforms that are commonly used and some qualities of each and the resources to obtain valid information about agriculture. I now know how to create my own brand with social media posts and be an active member of the local community over the internet!

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