Guest lecture by Ed Kee

I really enjoyed Ed Kee’s lecture on the Food Shed. He was extremely informative and presented the information he had for our class really well. It was nice to be able to have someone who has been in the industry and knows a lot about how the food shed really works. Since Ed Kee was the former Secretary of Agriculture he got a first hand look into how many different aspects of farming have changed and developed over the years, so he was able to tell us a lot of things that he had experienced first hand. One of the things in his lecture that really surprised me the most was how much agriculture has actually changed over the years. It was shocking to see how drastically the production numbers have changed over the years. As well as how many techniques have changed dramatically as well. He had presented some ideas about things that people do/have done in the agriculture industry that I had never really thought about or considered before.

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