Michele Walfred: Social media branding

Social media sites such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram have become an outlet for many millennials, this virtual world can often leave us forgetting about its true power. The internet has become a space to quickly share news, pictures, and opinions, however, it has also become an unfortunate space where if used negatively it could permanently rob you of your dreams. Sounds dooming right? Michele Walfred shared a few helpful tips to keep us mindful of what we share and don’t share on these sites.

As a young adult, I found myself falling into the trap of sharing less serious posts until I realized how many employers use social media as a way to “check up on their investments”.  Michele added that deleting your internet footprint is in fact not necessary rather tailoring how you promote yourself is key in establishing your value. LinkedIn is a great professional online resource to interact with business professionals and Michele urged everyone to join.

Sharing posts specific to your career interests and writing insight on what you are sharing shows that you care and are timely with news or important industry updates. Michele  noted LinkedIn as the best place to showcase this. She also suggested that maintaining a public Instagram account is essential and should share pictures of things that either relates to your career/interests or showcase who you are in a positive light. This advice was particularly interesting as I recently altered my feed to showcase wildlife, traveling, and pervious work experince as shown below:


                       So what should you do:

          1. Do not post offensive content such as politics
          2. Do have a social media footprint especially on LinkedIn
          3. Do have a public Instagram
          4. Do not post pictures of partying or doing illegal activities
          5. Get a professional headshot

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