Mrs. Michele Walfred on Personal Branding and Social Media

Mrs. Walfred discussed Personal Branding, and the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media. One thing that caught my eye about this presentation was when she asked “What’s your brand?” That question is very important, because it involves knowing who you are, and what you want to be known for. During her lecture, she gave really good life advice. She stated that it was a good idea to have two specific social media accounts. A personal one, and a professional one which focuses more on “your brand” or career. Mrs. Walfred made note of this particularly because of the way social media affects our lives. Having a more professional account will help brand yourself in a positive way, and it protects you from the consequences of what may be on your private social media account. It’s a great idea to start knowing what your brand is because it may help increase your chances of getting a job. The example Mrs.Walfred used was becoming a Veterinarian. If this is your particular career goal, then it’s best to start following former veterinarians, and vet schools, and to post pictures of you doing animal related activities (I.e volunteering at an animal shelter). I really learned a lot from this lecture, and took some things to heart because my image is important to me and I don’t want my actions on social media to affect my life forever.

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