Guest Lecture by Ms. Michelle

I really enjoyed Ms. Michele’s lecture on social media and how it can affect your future. She explained a lot of different aspects of social media and how you want to use it wisely so you do not screw up your future. Prior to this lecture I had never thought that just a couple posts can screw up a possible career path for you. She explained how when you apply for a job the person interviewing you will more than likely look you up on the internet just to see if anything pops up, and if something does pop up that they don’t like it can sway them from hiring you and make them want to hire the other person. Even if something you had posted about or did in college, it can still affect you in the future because whatever you put on the internet never actually goes away. Ms. Michele also explained some things you can do to your social media pages to make them look more professional and make you more marketable.

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