Understanding the Poultry Industry

September 9th, 2019 Mrs. Georgie Cartanza spoke to my class about the poultry industry. Mrs. Georgie is a poultry extension agent. In her job they take egg laying chickens and make them meat chickens. This process began after the “Chicken of Tomorrow Contest.” As well as many others, Mrs. Georgie works in the Delmarva poultry industry. In Delmarva they produce 605 million birds, which is 9.6% of national production. Sussex county is #1 in broiler production and there are 825,000,000 birds in Delmarva a year. WOW! That comes out to be 3.2 billion in bird value. Only 1300 people are growers. Its amazing how they put so much effort and dedication into taking care of chickens and feeding the world. Learning about the poultry industry has been very fascinating to me. I never knew much about the poultry industry until I heard Mrs. Georgie’s story.

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