Social Media with Michele Walfred

Michele Walfred spoke to our class about social media and the effects it has on professionalism, leadership, and agriculture. Social media is all about branding yourself. It is very important to brand yourself in a professional way. Business owners use social media to gauge if they think you would be a good fit at their company. If our brands do not represent us well and professionally, we most likely would not get the job. Michele not only taught us how to brand ourselves, she also gave us tips on how to be a leader on social media. Advocating for agriculture is another really important topic Michele talked about. The story of agriculture needs to be expanded to the general public so they can be educated about agriculture. When the public is not educated, they will make their own conclusions about what goes on in the agriculture industry and try to bash it on the internet. The stories of agriculture need to be spread on social media so people can begin to see what really goes on in our industry. Michele also showed us some great examples of fake news that showed us what to look out for on the internet since not everything we see on there is true.

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