Delaware: the small but mighty food shed – guest speaker Ed Kee

What most of the Nation doesn’t know about Delaware (if they even know we exist) is the state’s ability to grow and supply food for up and down the East Coast. Delaware can reach 1/3 of the population within 8 hours, making it the perfect place (and soil) for families to settle down to tackle the job of feeding a population. Before a highway system was established, Delaware farmers relied on waterways and railroads to export produce. The town of Felton became a popular railroad site of export while Wilmington became one of the larger ports for boat and railroad trade goods. The construction of the DuPont highway allowed for faster transportation of produce, ensuring the freshest product to the consumer. With the ability to provide so much for the population, the state had to make sure it would always be a contributor to the Delmarva area.  Currently, 30% of Delaware’s farmland is protected under the Agricultural Land Preservation Program, meaning the land cannot be sold to be developed or commercialized; it is only for the use of farmland. This program helps to provide fresh local produce to Delaware and the surrounding population for years to come.

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