Ms. Michele Guest Lecture – Sean Michael

On Wednesday, September 11, the class learned about the importance of having a professional social media account. She really stressed not posting obnoxious party pictures of yourself, for businesses do not want someone who builds themselves like that. One thing that Ms. Michele pointed out that stuck with me was having a consistent headshot (as your profile picture) across all your social media platforms. As well as a headshot, we were told that we should have a descriptive bio, so professional peers or just people who want to be informed can know who you are. I’ll probably have trouble with the whole headshot and long bio things, because my own social media account has 1 post and my profile picture is not myself. Apparently, Twitter is a very fast rising platform in the Agricultural industry, so having young people who know how to use it and communicate misconceptions or truths well is essential. Multiple times throughout the lecture, we were told that everything we post is around forever, so being careful is recommended.

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