Georgie Cartanza Guest Lecture

Our class had the privilege of having guest speaker Georgie Cartanza talk to us about the poultry industry and extension. Her presentation included interesting facts about the poultry industry within the U.S, Globally, and even in the Delmarva area. I was surprised to learn how the industry has evolved over the years and just how crucial operations here are due to the fact that we are able to reach ⅓ of the U.S population within 8 hours. Furthermore, as time has gone on chicken houses and the way the poultry industry operates has changed tremendously. I think one of the most interesting facts was learning how big of a role DuPont Highway played and still plays in the way farming especially poultry farming was able to rapidly advance and take off. I think the guest lecture was very informative and I am glad I was able to participate and gain knowledge on a subject I had no previously knowledge on, I was never aware if the impact poultry had on agriculture as a whole and the state of Delaware. 

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