Branded for life- professional leadership for agriculture in the social media era

Michele Walfred, a communications specialist, talked to the class about the importance of growing social media and how it can affect us in future job searches. One of the main take-home messages I got (which has stuck with me long after the lecture) was all about personal branding and how we needed to project a clean and professional brand. As a senior taking the class, it was refreshing to be reminded of how companies choose their employees and the tactics they use to do so. Growing up in the social media age, it has always been reinforced to being mindful of what gets posted to social media. Michele’s presentation was spot on reminding the class social media sticks to us and can never fully go away.  It is important for us as young adults to watch what we post on public accounts since many companies turn to social media when scouting information on potential new hires. On the flip side, public social media accounts are a great way to form a network with graduate schools, potential employers, and volunteer opportunities. We should start working on our public profiles now, showing interests in future endeavors, and have professionalism in our social media usage to help create a bright career.

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