Chicken Farm Tour

Last weekend, September 7th we had the opportunity to go to a chicken farm in lower Delaware. While at this farm we were able to experience first hand the environment that chicken farmers work in and get a small peek into the industry. As we spent our Saturday morning and afternoon there, topics such as extension, the poultry industry as a whole, Delmarva poultry industry, politics, and much more was discussed. I particularly enjoyed the statistics that was shared involving jobs as 1 job in the poultry industry creates 7 jobs in the community in Sussex county. It was incredible to see the beginning process of where our food comes from, I could not get over how many chickens are grown on one farm here in Delaware. Furthermore, I found it to be very interesting that the farm is an organic chicken farm where a lot of the regulations put into place are from a consumer standpoint rather than scientific. The trip was very eye opening, especially to someone who has never been educated on the poultry industry. I feel like I better understand another area of agriculture and am more well rounded. I was unaware of how many different variables go into chicken farms and how critical electricity is and keeping the chickens alive. 

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