Georgie Cartanza: The Evolution of the Poultry Industry

I have always known how much of an outstanding person Georgie Cartanza was, but in my eyes she was my “Aunt Georgie”, not a Delmarva Poultry Farmer. Throughout her presentation I realized she is not only an amazing aunt, but she is also a hard-working Poultry Farmer. Growing up, watching her raise thousands of chickens every year, I never knew the tremendous impact of her poultry farm. When she came in to speak to my class I learned so much about the evolution of the Poultry Industry. Within the past 6 decades, improvements have been made on technology, ventilation, thermostats, automatic pan feeders, nipple drinkers, and many more. These improvements have enhanced the birds health, welfare, and quality. Organic Poultry Farms, like Georgie’s, have special requirements that they have had to follow in order to raise organic chickens. This is also another example of how the poultry industry is changing due to the demand of organic chickens. Georgie had to incorporate enrichments, outdoor access, windows and many more additions to her poultry houses in order for them to be suitable for growing organic chickens. Along with the evolution of the Poultry Industry I also learned that for every one job in the poultry industry, it creates seven jobs in the community which proves how much of an impact these birds have on the economy.

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