An inspirational woman in Agriculture: Poultry

It is a truly rare experience to encounter someone in life that inspires you. I have been to many states, I have seen some great wonders in this country but a visit to Georgie Cortanza’s organic poultry farm places high on my list of lifechanging opportunities. I have always dreamed of being a farmer, merging my love for animals, wildlife, and a hard day’s work, however, I didn’t grow up in an agricultural family and believed that being a rancher in Montana was far out of reach for me. Many posts will discuss the countless information Georgie showed us but perhaps for me, the story about an average woman following a dream stood out to me. Not only did Georgie embark on the journey into poultry farming as a woman having not grown up in a farming family, but she continues to be an inspirational figure in Delaware agriculture and beyond. Despite the intimidating initial investment, Georgie stuck to her goals where she now manages four flocks of about 156,000 chickens a year equal to 5.5 million pounds of meat, feeding families all over. Georgie became the first and only American to receive the Nufeld scholarship where she traveled to numerous countries including Brazil and New Zeland. She continues to use modern-day approaches to poultry farming and extension outreach to help improve the public’s perceptions about the poultry industry.

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