Poultry Farm Field Trip

On Saturday,  September 7th I took a field trip to a poultry farm. It was interesting to see how these farms operate and the different technologies used up close and in person. One of these technologies was a large composting machine. This machine was a large tube-like structure where composting materials could be placed inside and then easily rotated for an efficient composting process.  I also got to see what was happening inside the chicken houses. There were fans, vents, windows, and heaters all placed throughout and controlled through the main system to keep the temperature of both the chicken house and the chickens consistent and healthy. While there I also learned about the sacrifices and changes that need to be made in order to be considered an organic poultry farm. These sacrifices such as the avoidance of using antibiotics make poultry farming more expensive and more difficult for the farmers, however, consumers are pushing for these changes as they are perceived as more humane and healthier for the chickens. It was a lot of fun to be able to see where some of the food I eat actually comes from in person.

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