Miss Georgie Guest Lecture

Getting to hear more about the chicken industry from Miss Georgie is something more people should have the opportunity to do. She is able to provide so much insight into the realities of past, present, and future farming with clear unbiased information. I felt like the guest lecture really left with me with a much better understanding of the industry and a more realistic grasp of how our food is actually being made. She also talked about some of the challenges facing farmers today and possibly in the near future which is an important subject for young people to hear as these issues are not typically talked about in the political climate and when they are, they are usually accompanied by a biased and non-factual point of view.

The importance of agriculture is immense and Miss Georgie is really able to shed light on it not only for future farmers but for people of all walks of life. With so much media today, more time needs to be spent talking about the importance of agriculture and the facts surrounding it as she covered during the guest lecture. This lecture really resonated with me and broadened my understanding of agriculture and the industry.

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