Evolution of Delmarva Poultry Industry can Help Feed the Future- Guest Lecture by Georgie Cartanza

Georgie Cartanza a Poultry Extension Agent of the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension visited the university at the Georgetown branch to talk about “The Evolution of the Poultry Industry on Delmarva”.  Delmarva is made up by Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia; providing almost 10% of national poultry production. These production rates help to provide for employment; one job in the poultry industry creates seven jobs in the community and help feed families up and down the east coast. As of now, Delaware’s poultry industry could provide one chicken to 253 million families. That is all due to the evolution of chickens; hormone and steroid free. Improvements in understanding genetics, nutrition, and technology of the poultry industry are the sciences behind feeding a large population. Technology in feeding and watering has helped farmers save time, money, and resources switching over to automatic pan feeders and nipple drinker systems. With understanding better nutrition and genetics, it has been found chickens have a 2:1 ratio of feed and water needed to produce one pound of meat. Thus, making them a very efficient source of protein. By 2050 the world population will reach to nine billion people, in which Delmarva will confidently be able to help feed.

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