Poultry farm

Georgie Cortanza owns a poultry farm here in the state of Delaware. She takes care of almost 150,000 chickens which can feed almost 60,000 people for a year. Georgie does not use any GMO’s or steroids to help her chickens grow a significant amount of meat. They are all organic chickens. On Georgie’s farm she has new technology which helps the chickens grow and mature in a comfortable environment. She raises them from when they are little chicks to when they are ready to be processed for people’s food supply.

Georgie’s chickens are worth over three billion dollars but they also require a billion on just food. She needs to do much more to prepare them besides feeding them. Every one job in the poultry industry creates seven jobs in the community for other people. Having the farm in Delaware helps a lot of people around us because are near many large cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, NYC, and even Wilmington. Georgie’s farm feeds people in all of these cities.

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