Livestock Industry

Dan Severson presented the class with a guest lecture on the livestock industry and how it fits into the agricultural world.  An interesting background statistic he gave was that the United States had the most affordable food cost, with about seven percent of peoples annual salaries going to food.  We also have arguably the safest and most abundant food. Another background statistic he gave was that a farm is considered a farm if they have a thousand dollars in agricultural sales per year.  Mr. Severson provided us with information on the beef industry, hog industry, sheep industry, goat industry, and dairy industry, with insight on how each operates. There were also other smaller livestock industries he touched on such as bison and rabbits.  I think the most surprising thing to me was that there are very few dairy farms in Delaware. He also gave us some advice on if we were to pursue a job in the livestock industry, which was basically telling us that it would be wise to follow the trends. It is smart to find a niche market to operate in and to know your consumer.  

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