Horse Racing in Delaware

Mark Davis is the head of Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission at the Delaware Department of Agriculture which regulates and enforces rules on all aspects of horse racing. He started off by telling us about the history of horse racing starting with people proving their who’s horse was faster to the knights bringing back Arabian’s to England. The American settlers brought their horses and racing with them. The first American race track was established in 1665 on Long Island. In 1989 Horse Racing was a multi- billion-dollar industry and the second largest attended sport after baseball. Currently there’s about 9 million horses in the USA and just over 10,00 in Delaware. The Thoroughbred Racing Commission Regulates and enforces rules to keep the sport safe and fair. Mark Davis explained the different ways many people and teams try to cheat financially or physically. There are many chemical ways to make horses run faster for longer. Horse betting and gambling are parting of the commission and keeping track of money. We were then showed how to read the pamphlets about horses at races.

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