Hoober’s Field Trip

The Hoober’s Equipment field trip was definitely the most interesting field trip for me so far.  Being able to see how a lot of the farm equipment operates and some of the technology behind the equipment was remarkable.  The most surprising part was how much the equipment costs, with a new Case IH combine coming in around half a million dollars.  It was also cool to see the drone technology and how it is used. The small drone that was demonstrated had the ability to track and follow the farm equipment and to actually get close enough to the ground to be able to count plants for the farmer.  Driving the sprayer was fun as well. With all of the technology, like the auto steer technology that uses GPS, it was surprisingly easy. The gentlemen that showed us around Hoober’s both stated that their favorite part of the job was being able to get out and assist farmers, specifically during planting season, which I can relate to because it gets them out and hands on instead of answering phone calls.  

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