Greens Industry Guest Lecture

I enjoyed this guest lecture by Tracy and Valann introducing us to the greens industry. First off, I don’t have much background knowledge of this industry at all, aside from my personal experience tagging along on trips to nurseries or flower shops with my parents. I thought that Tracy and Valann both were super charismatic, and I loved how they both emphasized that you never know where your life and career will take you. I also thought it was a great perspective to have someone who’s background was in the business world, who just sort of fell into an Ag industry.  An introduction to many facets of the industry was provided by these two women, so I learned a little bit about everything. I never realized how vast of an industry it is. I also thought that there’s so much business involved in this sector of the Ag industry. This lecture made me think about the food industry, and how the business side of the industry always desperately wants scientists who also understand the business side. It highlights to me the importance of business knowledge, no matter what field you go into.

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