Green Industry Lecture

Tracy Wooten and Valann Budischak presented the class with a guest lecture on Delaware’s Green Industry.  The Green Industry is basically the people who are involved in producing, selling, managing, and controlling Delaware’s plant life, including the plant life that people have at their own homes.  This also includes landscapers, golf courses, and the suppliers of equipment and other products. The green industry was responsible for almost twenty-two million in horticultural product sales in 2014.  This statistic was surprising to me, as it shows that the green industry can be a lucrative industry to work in. There is profit in starting many of the businesses associated with the Green Industry, such as the greenhouse and nursery producers, the retailers that sell their products to the consumer, and for the landscapers that maintain the product.  Many of their business profits rely on the consumer and what they desire at the time. Business branding, marketing, and advertising are all important to sustain the Green Industry. All the different types of jobs associated with the Green Industry once again show how the agricultural community is very diverse and is in need of people with different backgrounds.

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