Delaware’s Livestock Industry with Dan Severson

The livestock industry of America consists of beef, dairy, horses, swine, poultry, and other animals. The number of farms have declined since WWII, but modern technology has enabled the present farms to maximize production. Many farmers raise specific animal species in response to the wants of the public. Over time, the average amount of beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, and veal has fluctuated and production has adapted to meet these trends. A lot of money and time is invested into raising quality animals, but only a portion of the monetary gains from these animals return to the farmer. Much of the money earned for food products goes to the restaurant or supermarket selling the product. The development of farm to table programs has benefited the farmers and the community by connecting the two and removing the middleman for the purchase of food. Farm to table programs allow the farmer to connect with the community and the customers get a piece of mind on the quality of products that they are buying. Identifying the wants of a community is also beneficial to farmers. Dairy farmers have the opportunity to make ice cream or cheese to be sold. Meat producers can sell delicacies to customers of different cultures if those people live in the area. The production of animals is a promising industry that will continue to develop with technological advancements, the wants of the community, and other factors. Thank you to Dan Severson for teaching AGRI 130 students about animal agriculture in America.

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