Hoobers Field Trip

When I was younger, I used to ride the combine with my great grandfather or the tractor with my dad. Back then, it was a combination of a lot of peddles and even more gear shifts. When I got the opportunity to drive a tractor for myself this weekend at Hoobers, I got to see just how much technology has changed over the years. Now, when sitting in the tractor, it can drive itself. Upon first sitting in the tractor, I noticed that the seat adjusted to whoever may be sitting in it. Before that however, I was only used to the little springs under the seat that only bounced you up and down as you went through the field.

Another new thing I learned upon getting in the tractor is you reliance in technology. With the many screens in front of me showing me my speed, where I was going, and much more I realized how much enjuxnuity goes into these new tractors. In letting go of the steering wheel and allowing the machine to drive itself was the weirdest feeling, I felt as if I was still in control but at the same time I had no control. I was basing my trust in a big machine off of a little computer screen keeping me updated on pace and direction. The amount that technology has changed over the years is so eye opening. Instead of having to pay attention to each and every little detail while in the tractor, you now rely on the tractor to tell you when something is wrong or when something is going well. In relying so heavily on this technology not only opens new doors for future improvements but allows the industry to keep taking huge steps forward in becoming more advanced for the better of all involved. I am really glad I got this experience and was so interested in sharing the details about the newest technology.

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