Hoober Field Trip

On our third field trip we went to Hoober, Inc. At Hoober, they are more into the Case farm equipment but they still sell Jon Deere and Kubota. They sell everything from agriculture equipment to construction to personal utility. In their showroom they have the lawn and gardening tools such as Kubota lawn mowers and UTVs. We then went into the machine shop were we got see some combines and other equipment being worked on. The guys said that it was easier to pull out the motor on a combine and do work to it than it is to try and work around it while still connected to the combine. One thing that surprised me was that just the combine itself costs $400,000 and it’s another $100,000 for the attachments like a corn head. Also, with the upgraded technology, like satellite, that is available to us today if a farmer has a problem with their machine and they aren’t sure about it, they are able to call the guys at Hoober’s and they are able to get into the devices in the combine and see what’s wrong and how to fix it. Afterwards, we went on a tour around the property and got to see more combines and other purpose tractors and farm equipment. At the end of the tour my classmates and I had the opportunity to drive a sprayer or a Magnum tractor. We had the opportunity to learn about the drone and what they are capable of. A fact about the drone is that it is able to tell the operator how many plants (seedling) are in a certain field. We also got the chance to drive a couple tractors too.

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