Mark Lynas Video

Mark Lynas was a leader in getting GMOs banned in Europe because he had originally felt that GMO crops were unnatural and harmful.  However, he has sinced changed his opinion, and realized the problem was not the crops but his viewpoint towards them. He had fallen victim to false perceptions regarding GMOs, such as that they increase the use of harmful chemicals, and only benefit big companies and not farmers.  He also realized that in order to feed the 9.5 billion people expected to be on Earth in 2050, on about the same amount of land we have for farming today, we are going to have to use GMO technology. GMO technology will also help with limiting nitrogen use, which will help the environment.  Basically, his perception was changed when he did his due diligence and started looking at the science regarding GMOs and then realized the problems that we are trying to solve with GMO technology. A lot of the negatives regarding GMOs that groups claim are backed by science are not. This is an example of the negative media and stereotypes that are presented about agriculture.  By doing our due diligence and standing up for agriculture, we can begin to correct some of the false allegations and assumptions regarding GMOs. It is my opinion that GMOs are most likely necessary in order to produce enough food for the growing population.

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