Mark Lynas and Judging GMO’s

Have you ever drawn a conclusion on something you didn’t know anything about and it turned out to be completely wrong? Have you ever formed an opinion without researching facts? Many people are doing this with GMO’s. Mark Lynas did and even started a movement that made genetically modified foods and crops sound really bad. But once he started doing research to back up his opinion that GMO’s are bad he found that there was no evidence and in fact his conclusion changed, he now is a big advocate for GMO’s. The population is supposed to be 9-10 billion people by 2050 and the amount of food produced will have to increase by 70%. Without GMO’s it will be impossible to do this. GMO’s mean more food produced on less land with fewer resources. Mark Lynas is doing is best to correct misconceptions he started. GMO’s are the future of agriculture and without them the world population will not be able to be sustained.

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